Our use of the term “restructuring” relates to the turnaround or reorganisation of business enterprises.

Business enterprises may require restructuring in the event of changes to the operating structure and basis for optimising future operations. However, it is most often companies with financial problems that are subject to restructuring as this is defined.

Restructuring can be carried out with assistance from the courts (compulsory composition), but more often occurs without the involvement of the courts (voluntary composition). Our insight into insolvency processes means that we can offer targeted assistance in this area.

It is vital for the business to seek assistance with restructuring as early as possible in order for this restructuring to be realistically achieved.

Restructuring requires initiating a series of legal measures such as supplying new capital or debt capital (loan), entering into creditor agreements, downsizing, renegotiating agreements, selection of corporate structures etc. It is vital to be able to provide good advice regarding the company management’s options in connection with these types of processes.

We have extensive experience and expertise within all areas of law that are relevant to restructuring. We place a great deal of emphasis on assembling unique teams with the professional expertise and experience to achieve good solutions.

Restructuring usually requires assistance from both legal and financial advisers. We work together with auditors and financial advisors who have specialist expertise within this area.