Public procurement

We assist our clients during the entire process, from idea to completed project, including feasibility studies, option and development agreements, zoning and building applications, division, conversion and completion/sale. With extensive experience from both public and political processes, we work purposefully and strategically to achieve the desired result for our clients.

The advice we provide to contracting authorities includes:

  • Choice of procurement strategy and form of competitive tender.
  • Preparation and quality control of procurement documents and contract.
  • Evaluation of qualification requirements and award criteria.
  • Assessment of rejection and cancellation.
  • Processing of access requests and complaints.
  • Dispute resolution, including assistance in connection with complaints, complaints involving the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA) and cases before the courts.

Our services to suppliers include:

  • Interpretation of procurement documents and quality control of tenders.
  • Contract reviews.
  • Assessment of rejection and cancellation.
  • Assessment of the contracting authority’s awarding of contracts, including evaluations.
  • Complaints to contracting authorities, KOFA and processes before the courts.

Our lawyers offer tailor-made courses within public procurement.