Corporate law

We assist the shareholders and management of small and large companies and place a major emphasis on understanding the commercial needs of clients as well as the purely legal issues. Our lawyers assist property companies, contractors, builders, shipping companies, banks, and investment and securities firms. We focus on our clients receiving prompt and high-quality advice and making qualified lawyers available.

Among other things, the members of the specialist group provide advice in connection with:

Purchase and sale of enterprises

Our lawyers assist in all phases of transactions, including reviews of corporate structure and planning of transaction form, assistance with de-mergers and mergers, due diligence, drafting of contracts and execution of transactions.

Assistance to boards and advice to owners and management

We have extensive experience with board positions and work on boards. We also assist with day-to-day operations by ensuring that the boards and management of companies comply with statutory obligations associated with, for example, quality control, documentation and reporting.

Sindre Aaserød

Managing Partner

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