Inheritance and probate

At some stage many people will face challenges relating to inheritance or distribution of an estate/relationship breakup which will require qualified legal assistance. The rules pertaining to inheritance/administration of a deceased’s estate and the financial settlement between spouses when they separate/divorce are complicated and may also often represent serious interpersonal challenges.

This places high demands on advisers, both at a professional and personal level. Our lawyers who work with these matters are highly skilled and have extensive experience in this field.

Among other things, we assist with:

  • Creation of wills and establishment of future power of attorney.
  • Probate and deceased estates.
  • Establishment of arrangements that protect against creditors seizing inherited assets (private prohibition against attachment).
  • Transfer of business enterprises to children (succession) – advancement of inheritance – larger gifts.
  • Establishment of marital agreements and cohabitation agreements.
  • Financial settlement in the event of relationship breakup.
  • International distribution of an estate.
  • Distribution of an estate with regard to agricultural assets.

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