Employment law

Employment law is a complex specialist field in which incorrect decisions can have major consequences for employers and employees. Our employment law group therefore consists of a team of lawyers with extensive and complementary expertise relating to all aspects of an employment arrangement.

We assist employers and employees in all areas of individual and collective employment law and assist both national and international clients.

Our team has wide-ranging experience in providing advice associated with different forms of affiliation and with the drafting of employment agreements, including tailor-made agreements that restrict competition and provide compensation, and incentive schemes.

Issues will often arise during the course of employment arrangements in connection with matters such as working hours, holidays, personal conflicts, leave, working environment and data protection. We continually assist clients with these types of challenges.

We also have extensive experience with assisting both employers and employees in connection with restructuring, larger downsizing processes and individual resignations/dismissals. We are therefore often involved in negotiating severance agreements.

Our lawyers also have considerable experience in dealing with such disputes in negotiations, arbitration and before the courts.

We also offer an online whistleblowing portal for our clients to ensure the safe handling of whistleblowing cases in accordance with the Working Environment Act and Personal Data Act. We assist with specific follow-up of whistleblowing reports that we receive which is adapted to the seriousness and complexity of the matter being reported. Read more about this and see the system here.

Whistleblowing often relates to challenges pertaining to the working environment and violation of the Working Environment Act or ethical guidelines, however can also concern even more serious matters such as labour market crime, sexual harassment, corruption and other violations. Our employment law group has specialist expertise in all of these areas and can ensure that whistleblowing is handled in a proper and satisfactory manner.

Our employment law group also works closely with our transaction team and assists with advice relating to transfers of undertakings and due diligence processes. The group also assists with pension issues.

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