Estate agency business

The transfer of real estate involves large sums of money for all involved parties. The majority therefore choose to be assisted by real estate agents and appraisers when executing the transaction. It is the task of these professionals to ensure that the transactions are executed in a safe and efficient manner.

Regulatory assistance to brokerage firms

Advokatfirmaet Hammervoll Pind has a great deal of experience with organising the activities of real estate agents. We regularly assist with the establishment of such enterprises and in connection with applications and notifications to public authorities in connection with the operation of the services.

Professional liability for real estate agents

Professionals such as real estate agents and appraisers must execute assignments in a professional and proper manner. In order to determine their liability, the assignment agreement between the parties must first be used as a starting point. They must comply with what has been agreed to, as well as safeguard customer interests. There are also a number of laws and rules that set rather strict requirements for how both real estate agents and appraisers must conduct their activities. Errors made in the execution of the assignment may cause the customer to suffer major losses and for this reason there is strict professional liability.

The players in the estate agent industry have systematic liability insurance for their obligations. This entails that consumers must often challenge the insurance companies for coverage of their losses caused by inadequate execution on the part of estate agents or other sales agents. We assist both professional practitioners and sellers/buyers in connection with these types of cases and have brought a number of such compensation cases before the courts.

Assistance to real estate agents

We offer assistance to several estate agent chains and estate agent offices. We have lawyers with estate agent backgrounds and a good knowledge of the associated regulations. We therefore also hold courses and lectures for real estate agents.

We have prepared complete systems for internal controls for estate agent activities and offer assistance with both internal controls and external professional controls of the activities.

Estate agent business and settlement assignments

Our lawyers assist buyers and sellers with real estate transfers. If required, we can also act as intermediaries and perform the tasks that a real estate agent would otherwise have been responsible for. This may be applicable when transferring property companies or for assignments that pertain exclusively to settlement.

Several of our lawyers have furnished security to assist with the actual property transaction. We also have lawyers who undertake the entire sales assignment when it is desirable that this is done by a lawyer and not an agent.