The administration of an estate in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation require an in-depth understanding of business. Trustees have to determine and analyse the causes of the bankruptcy, as well as liquidate and sell business enterprises.

Building and Construction

The building and construction sector has become increasingly more professionalised in recent years. The contracts are complex and often involve significant risk. The contracts require formal notification rules during and at the conclusion of the construction project.

Compliance and investigations

Hammervoll Pind’s lawyers assist the management of smaller enterprises and large corporate groups within compliance and matters pertaining to business ethics. We place major emphasis on understanding the business processes and commercial needs of our clients in relation to the complex regulatory framework within which they have to operate.

Corporate law

We assist the shareholders and management of small and large companies and place a major emphasis on understanding the commercial needs of clients as well as the purely legal issues. Our lawyers assist property companies, contractors, builders, shipping companies, banks, and investment and securities firms. We focus on our clients receiving prompt and high-quality advice and making qualified lawyers available.

Employment law

Employment law is a complex specialist field in which incorrect decisions can have major consequences for employers and employees. Our employment law group therefore consists of a team of lawyers with extensive and complementary expertise relating to all aspects of an employment arrangement.


If a claim is not settled voluntarily, the rules pertaining to debt collection and enforcement will become applicable.

Estate agency business

The transfer of real estate involves large sums of money for all involved parties. The majority therefore choose to be assisted by real estate agents and appraisers when executing the transaction. It is the task of these professionals to ensure that the transactions are executed in a safe and efficient manner.

Financial crime

Our financial crime team assists clients at all stages of cases that involve financial crime. In situations such as when the Norwegian Tax Administration has given notice of an audit, the National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crim...

Inheritance and probate

At some stage many people will face challenges relating to inheritance or distribution of an estate/relationship breakup which will require qualified legal assistance. The rules pertaining to inheritance/administration of a deceased’s estate and the financial settlement between spouses when they separate/divorce are complicated and may also often represent serious interpersonal challenges.


Dispute resolution and litigation have been a vital part of our activities since the firm was established


Litigation and dispute resolution have been a vital part of our activities since the firm was established


We believe that the best advisors are those who are fully devoted to their work.

Planning law

Planning law is an area of law that is of major financial significance to both private individuals and businesses. Hammervoll Pind has experienced lawyers with extensive expertise within planning law from both the public and private sectors.


Property and construction are the specialist fields at Hammervoll Pind. Our lawyers assist most types of real estate and construction industry players. We consciously recruit lawyers who have extensive experience with the challenges this sector may represent. Our goal is that our legal knowledge combined with understanding of the industry, will contribute to creating value for our clients.

Property law

Property law largely pertains to rights associated with real estate, including property boundaries, encumbrances, ownership and conditions of use etc. Property law is an area of law that often involves a great deal of conflict and where the extent of disagreement in rural areas increases in relation to proximity to a beach, river/waterfall and hunting areas. In more centralised areas, parking rights can be of vital importance.

Public procurement

We assist our clients during the entire process, from idea to completed project, including feasibility studies, option and development agreements, zoning and building applications, division, conversion and completion/sale. With extensive experience from both public and political processes, we work purposefully and strategically to achieve the desired result for our clients.

Real estate

Real estate is a core part of Hammervoll Pind’s activities. We assist both in negotiations and disputes. We have a strategic perspective and focus on safeguarding and further developing the assets of our clients. Hammervoll Pind can offer knowledgeable lawyers from a variety of backgrounds who enable us to see the overall picture.


Our use of the term “restructuring” relates to the turnaround or reorganisation of business enterprises.

Shipping & offshore

The shipping and offshore department frequently works across national borders, where very expensive ships continually move from one jurisdiction to another. This entails a number of issues that are unique within the shipping segment. Several of our lawyers have worked at shipping companies and therefore have in-depth knowledge of the industry. We always endeavour to understand our clients’ needs and contribute to finding good legal and commercial solutions.


We assist both companies and private indivduals with national and international tax matters at all levels.